Anime is a form of Japanese animation characterized by colorful graphics

Anime is one of the most popular genres in both Japan and abroad. It has received widespread attention for its artistic style as well as its numerous popular subgenres and media franchises.

Anime is an abbreviation of “animated” and has been used for the term since the 1960s in Japan. Conventionally, it refers to animated films, TV series and often manga set in a mythological, comedy or science fiction settings that are typically produced in Japan. The word anime is often said to be derived from the Japanese word animē which means “to animate” or “to breathe life into”.

Anime is classified as either a general animation or an animation genre. Anime has developed a large international audience in recent years with production networks centered around Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

Anime is a global genre that has grown rapidly in the last decade. It has evolved from simply a medium for children to one of animation’s most influential industries.

Anime is an international phenomenon that has grown rapidly in the last decade. It is no longer just for children, but a form of animation with its own influential industry.